Amazon's New Product Title Guidelines

23.07.19 03:52 PM By Elizabeth

Are you following Amazon's new title guidelines? 

What are Amazon's new title guidelines & how to tell if your listing is suppressed

On June 17th Amazon announced, via the seller central forums, that on July 22nd all ASINs not in compliance with their title guidelines would be suppressed. Originally Amazon't product title requirements stated titles must not exceed 50 characters. (including spaces) This has since been amended to 200 characters. (including spaces)

So what is a suppressed listing?

Amazon suppresses listings that do not meet their listing standards. A suppressed listing will not show up in search or when a customer is browsing on Amazon. This means customers will not be able to find your product. Not good!

How to check if you're listing is suppressed

1. In your seller account, click the Inventory tab, and select Manage Inventory

2. Select Suppressed from the horizontal menu

Or you can view all suppressed listings on the Suppressed Listings page, or click on Issue type to filter by specific type of issue

Note: This is the most current information as of July 23, 2019. We will be updating this page to make sure you are kept up-to-date.

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