How to contact Seller Support (and keep your sanity) 

17.07.19 01:18 PM By Elizabeth

Tips for Dealing with Seller Support

How to get issues resolved faster, with minimal headache

Contacting Seller Support can be an ordeal, so it's best to try and resolve the issue on your own first. But for those times you need to call seller support, we've put together some helpful tips to get your issue resolved as quickly (and painlessly) as possible. 

Calling Seller Support

Amazon no longer allows you to call them directly. To talk to a rep you have to request a call back. This option is located inside seller central, where you'll also have the option to submit a case by email. 

How to navigate to the contact page inside seller central:

Click "Help" in the top right-hand corner of your seller central dashboard

Then select "Contact" in the "Need More Help" section (Located at the bottom of the page)

Choose "Selling on Amazon"

You can either select "Fulfillment by Amazon" and "Investigate other FBA Issues"...

...Or "Your Account" and "Other Account Issues"

Now you can send an email to seller support...

(If you Selected "Investigate other FBA Issues" make sure you choose the most relevant option under "What kind of issue are you having?")


...Or request a call back.

(Even though you're requesting a call make sure to write a detailed explanation in the "Please describe your issue" box.)

Pro Tip:
​Bookmark this page so you can quickly find it the next time

Now that you know how to request a call and email Seller Support, here are those tips for expediting a resolution.

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)
Stick to one issue per ticket

Different issues require you to be forwarded to different departments, so stick to one issue per ticket. Otherwise your case will bounce around, or even fall through the cracks completely. Also make sure you include all the details with out going off on a tangent. Find the balance between complete yet simple.

Do not open more than one ticket per case

This just bogs you down in the system, you'll only make it take longer to resolve the issue. Trust me...

Document, Document, Document!

Have all the information in front of you. You want to be able to quickly provide anything Seller Support could possibly ask for. 

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially if there's a language barrier! If you can, send screen shots highlighting the exact problem. (Seriously, highlight them!) 

Pro Pro Tip:
​If you're on the phone with a representative and they aren't understanding, you can send an email with an image clarifying your issue by clicking "View and Respond" inside your case log. They will be able to see it immediately on their end. (Make sure you are adding it to the correct case!)

Be nice!

"Until it's time to not be nice" ok ok, but for real, keep it courteous. I know emotions can run high when it comes to your business. Just remember to slow down and keep your cool, the Seller Support rep will be more likely to help when you treat them like a human being.

Take Notes and Learn Their Lingo

Have a pen and paper handy or a note pad open on your computer. Pay attention to any terms they use or departments they mention. Any details pertaining to your case could make a huge difference down the road when you get transferred between departments or escalated and have to explain the issue for the 27th time to another rep.

Find Out the Correct Department 

It helps to know what department you need to deal with. Requesting to be transferred directly to the right department can really speed up the process. For instance, the department that deals with Advertising is called the "Advertising Team". Or if you need help with your listing you're going to need the "Catalog Team".  Want to talk to a US based representative? Then you'll need to request a transferred to the "US Captive Team".

Pro Pro Pro Tip:
Sometimes you may get "The Captive Team doesn't support this type of issue". If so you can ask to speak to a "US-based representative". (Sometimes you have to repeat this ad nauseam until they transfer you.) On occasion the rep may be reluctant to transfer because they are unsure which department to send your call to. In this case simply clarify your issue.

Pro Pro Pro Pro Tip:
When being transferred to a US rep sometimes you'll be put on a callback list. When that happens you may get an email along the lines of "We're not going to call you because it is currently out of normal call hours for your time zone." Just respond ASAP with "Call me as soon as possible, any time at all works for me."  This email will go directly to the US rep and often times you'll get a call shortly after. 

If all else fails contact Jeff Bezos

If you've exhausted all other channels, you can try sending an email to If you do send a message make sure it's short, actionable and to the point. These emails are answered by Executive Escalations Department, and rumor is even Jeff Bezos himself reads them on occasion. (Though I haven't found any record of him personally responding.)

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