How to Grant User Permissions

10.06.19 05:02 PM By Elizabeth

Granting User Permissions

A step-by-step guide to granting Junglr Advertising user permissions

1. Log into Seller Central 

2. Hover over "Settings" and select "User Permissions" in the drop-down menu

3. Type "Junglr" into the name field, "" into the email field and click "Send Invitation"

After the invitation is sent Junglr will show up in "Open Invitations"

In a matter of seconds we will be sent an email prompt to accept the invitation. You will receive an email notification from Amazon Seller Central once this is complete. 

5. You should now see "" under "Current Users"
Select "Manage Permissions" (To get to this page click the link in the email from Seller Central or follow the directions in step 2)

Grant "View & Edit" permissions in "Advertising" section and "View" permissions in all other sections

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Continue"