Prime Day PPC Hacks 2019

16.06.19 08:30 PM By Elizabeth

14 Prime Day Tips for Amazon Sellers 

Sponsored Product Strategies to Increase Sales on Prime Day

Prime Day is fast approaching, are you ready? Here are 14 tips to help you rock your Amazon marketing on the big day.

1. Get Your Listing Ready

Optimized listings get more clicks and more conversions. Give your listing a once over before the big day. Just be aware that any major changes to your title, bullet points or description can trigger a reindexing. So if you're going to change any of these make sure it's well in advance. 

2. Optimize Your Campaigns

Just like your listing, you should go over your campaigns before prime day. Make sure they are well optimized and there isn't any waste. Having an experienced Amazon PPC management service can be invaluable here.

3. Don't Start Too Early

You might see an increase in impressions and clicks right before the big day, but conversion will be down. People are window shopping but saving their money for the day of. Don't waste your money on non-converting clicks. Save that ad spend for Prime Day when conversions are 2-3x's higher.

4. Conserve Your Budget for the Big Day

One strategy you might consider is lowering your budget by as much as 50% seven days prior to Prime Day. The ad spend you save can then be used to increase your budget on the big day. 

5. Pause Keywords With No Sales

You might have some keywords you are still testing. Go through your campaigns and pause all keywords with no sales, just for 24-48 hours. You can reactivate them once the dust has settled. 

6. Be strategic With Bid Raises

You can raise bids across the board; about 10% is a good target. However, you might want to raise bids even more for your most profitable keywords. If you have well seasoned campaigns you can set dynamic up and down bid adjustment.  This bid adjustment is best used when Amazon's algorithm has lots of data to pull from. 

7. What's Working Now Will Work on Prime Day

You should know what campaigns and keywords perform best for your product. Just because there's increased traffic doesn't mean your customer is going to change drastically. Hedge your bets by boosting your winners. Raise the bids and budgets on the campaigns running at a profitable, or at least break even, ACoS.

8. Increase Your Budget

You can expect 2-3x's the traffic on prime day, so raise your budget 2-3x's to make sure it doesn't run out. If you followed tip four then you should have some cash reserves to pull from.

9. Keep an Eye On Your Budgets

Prime Day is not the day to set it and forget it. Keep an eye on your budgets throughout the day. You don't want any of them to run out and cause you to lose momentum. (The campaign dashboard is not real time. See tip 13)

10. Don't Create New Campaigns 

Brand-new campaigns take time to warm up. You will see better results adjusting your bids and budgets in old campaigns rather than creating new ones. 

11. Target Large Competitors ASINs

What is the big brand(s) in your niche? Large brands have the advertising dollars to dump into marketing. Think about setting up an ASIN targeting ad group. This works best if your price is a little lower and you have the same or more stars/reviews. 

12. Run a Coupon

Prime day shoppers are looking for deals. You can drop your price but you should also run a coupon. Just 10% off is enough to increase perceived value; making your listing more attractive to potential buyers.

13. Wait to Analyze the Data

PPC has a 48 hour delay in sales reporting. So your sales reporting from Prime Day should start rolling in on day three.  Amazon also contributes sales to your sponsored product listings as far as seven days out. Wait at least a week before you do a deep analysis of your Prime Day data. 

14. Keep Track of Changes

As you make changes to take advantage of Prime Day make sure you're keeping track. Keep a note tab open on your computer or a paper and pencil by your desk. Once it is all over it's going to be business as usual and you're going to need to remember all the changes you made. 

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