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Do Your Campaigns Need Hands On Management?

PPC taking up too much of your time? 

Get to the top of search only for your ranking to take a nose dive?

Not seeing a positive return on your ad spend? 

Have organic sales but just can't translate that into sponsored products?

Not sure what's a good click-though-rate, ACoS, conversion-rate?

Spending all your time trying to understand your advertising reports?

We Can Help!

Your Amazon advertising is worth investing in...

Increase Sales

With Amazon sponsored ads you can get that much needed visibility on your products and take your sales to the next level.

Launch Products

With Amazon's recent crack down on launch strategies, PPC remains a safe and effective way to kick-start your new product or relaunch stagnant listings.

Build Brand Awareness

23% of online shoppers surveyed said they frequently use Amazon to discover new products or brands. With sponsored products you can place your listing directly in front of those buyers.

Improve Organic Rank

By leveraging sales gained through PPC you create traction with the algorithm, increasing your listings organic ranking and most importantly, organic sales.

Raise BSR

All those additional sales give your listing that needed sales velocity to work your way up the best seller rank.

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|Advanced Keyword Research

We're constantly on the lookout for new keywords to drive your ad campaigns. The Amazon marketplace is constantly evolving but with our finger on the pulse of Amazon search you can be sure your PPC is ahead of the curve. 

|Data Driven Results 

We ride the cutting edge of  Amazons algorithims and constant policy changes to employ the latest and most effective techniques. Giving you the edge you need to leave the competition in the dust.

|Constant Monitoring

Our highly experienced team lives and breathes Amazon PPC, constantly monitoring and optimizing PPC campaigns to keep them running red hot.

Discover How Junglr Can Grow Your Account

Start by requesting a free, no obligation consultation. It takes minutes and puts you in touch with our team so we can set up a time to discuss your goals, which we use to create a tailored Amazon advertising strategy.

 After we understand your specific needs and what strategy you want to deploy, we do a deep dive audit of your PPC campaigns and perform thorough keyword research for each ASIN.

When you're ready to roll our team comes together and develops your custom marketing strategy. Using all the gathered data and our PPC expertise, we make a plan of attack specific to you.

Armed with our blueprint, we start by optimizing all running PPC campaigns. Next we launch highly targeted, multifaceted Amazon ad campaigns so your portfolio is healthy and robust.

We continuously monitor all running campaigns. Adjusting bids, adding new keywords and pairing them with their best performing match type, so you can be sure your PPC campaigns are always operating at peak efficiency.

    You can sit back and relax, knowing Junglr has your Amazon marketing covered!

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