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Punch Through the Competition

    Gone are the days on Amazon when you could simply post a listing with good SEO, high quality pictures and sit back while the sales poured in and your ranking climbed. With over 600 million listings on Amazon in 2018, competition has never been higher. These days even if you have the most optimized listing out there that still may not be enough to rank high in search. That's where Amazon PPC advertising comes in. With Amazon sponsored ads you can get that much needed visibility on your products and take your sales to the next level.

Raise Your Organic Rank

     Did you know one of the benefits to running sponsored product ads is the boost they give your organic rank? Each time a buyer makes a purchase  Amazon's algorithm catalogs the item with the search term used to find it. Instead of lounging around on page ten of the search results, and hoping someone wades through all the other listings to find yours, you could place your product right in front of the 300 million+ active daily shoppers on Amazon. By leveraging sales gained through PPC you create traction with the algorithm, increasing your listings organic ranking and most importantly, sales.

|Advanced Keyword Research

We constantly preform thorough keyword research to discover which keywords will produce the best results for different products. The Amazon market is constantly evolving and how customers search for products changes over time. With our finger on the pulse of Amazon search we're constantly on the lookout for new, potent keywords to drive your ad campaigns

|Data Driven Results 

We ride the cutting edge of  Amazons algorithims and constant policy changes to employ the latest and most effective techniques in the business, giving our clients the edge they need to leave the competition in the dust.

|Constant Monitoring

Our highly experienced team lives and breathes Amazon PPC, constantly monitoring and optimizing PPC campaigns to keep them running red hot. Some sellers might be happy putting their Amazon advertising on autopilot with a computer program but when results really matter, nothing beats the hands-on talent and expertise of a team that thrives on creating success for our clients.

Discover How Junglr Can Grow Your Account

    Start by requesting a free, no obligation consultation. It takes minutes and puts you in touch with our team so we can set up a time to discuss your goals, which we use to create a tailored Amazon advertising strategy.

    After we understand your specific needs and what strategy you want to deploy, we do a deep dive audit of your PPC campaigns and perform thuro keyword research for each ASIN.

    When you're ready to roll our team comes together and develops your custom marketing strategy. Using the information from the consultation, data gained from the campaign audit, keyword research, and a sprinkling of our secret sauce, we make a plan of attack specific to you.

    Armed with our blueprint, we start by optimize all running PPC campaigns, tweaking bids, adjusting keywords, shutting down  anything unprofitable, to make sure everything left is lean and mean. Next we launch highly targeted, multifaceted Amazon ad campaigns so your portfolio is healthy and robust.

    We continuously monitor all running campaigns and analyze the data. Adjusting, tweak bids, adding new keywords and paring them with their best performing match type, so you can be sure your PPC campaigns are always operating at peak efficiency.

    You can sit back and relax, knowing Junglr has your Amazon marketing covered!

Start By Requesting a Consultation

Questions? We Have Answers!

What does it cost to advertise on Amazon?

    There are quite a few factors that go into determining what running Amazon PPC campaigns will cost. It also depends on how aggressive you want to be. In the consultation we discuss all the factors with you and help determine what strategy and budget is right for your products and goals.

What does ACoS mean?

ACoS stands for Advertising Cost of Sale. It is the ratio of ad spend to sales and is calculated like this

    ACoS = ad spend ÷ sales

For example, if you spent $2 on advertising and those ads resulted in sales of $20, your ACoS would be 10%.

How do I calculate my break even ACoS?
Break even ACoS is calculated by dividing your products net income by the sale price. 
   For example, $10net/$30sp=0.33 to give a 33% break even ACoS. 

It is always recommended to calculate your break-even ACoS for each individual product. 
Who sets the budget?

You do! We can make recommendations but you have the final say in ad budget.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope, all parties will sign a standard consulting agreement but there are no long term contracts. We're confident you'll be happy enough to stick with us for a good long while.

I'm ready to partner with Junglr, how do I get started?

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I have more questions

There's a handy little chat-box in the right hand corner. Shoot us a line and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have. Or you can go ahead and request a consultation. There's no obligation and it will help us give you answers more specific to your Amazon seller account.

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