Amazon's New Product Title Guidelines

23.07.19 03:52 PM By Elizabeth - Comment(s)

Amazon suppresses listings that do not meet their listing standards. A suppressed listing will not show up in search or when a customer is browsing on Amazon. This means customers will not be able to find your product. Not good!

1. In your seller account, click the Inventory tab, and s...

How to contact Seller Support (and keep your sanity) 

17.07.19 01:18 PM By Elizabeth - Comment(s)
Tips for Dealing with Seller Support - How to get issues resolved faster, with minimal headache

Prime Day PPC Hacks 2019

16.06.19 08:30 PM By Elizabeth - Comment(s)
14 Tips to help you increase sales on Prime Day

How to Grant User Permissions

10.06.19 05:02 PM By Elizabeth - Comment(s)
A step-by-step guide to granting Junglr Advertising user permissions

ACoS Simplified

08.06.19 03:13 PM By Elizabeth - Comment(s)
What is ACoS, and why you need to understand it before running any PPC campaigns